Presentation at Chicago City Data Users Group

On May 3rd, Hyunyou Choi and Yingting Guan gave a presentation about Reading Chicago Reading at the Chicago City Data Users Group. This is a Meetup group for end users, business users, enthusiasts, students, entrepreneurs, anyone interested in how to use city data to create positive social impacts on the city.

On the presentation, they explained the goals of the project, its data sources, and the data mining techniques what we used. They demonstrated an updated version of our “Exploring Circulation Data” app:

This visualization allows users to select branch library, see its location on the map, and associated circulation statistics for the OBOC books. Follow this link to try it yourself:

The two also showed visualizations related to book content, specifically the geographic “positioning” of a book according to the place names that appear in the book. The violin below shows the distance distribution by books using Chicago as the zero point.

Correlation between these distance measures and the different demographic clusters of the branches shown below. (See the More Circulation Modeling post for more info on how these clusters were computed.) Note that the median distance (second column) is most closely associated with cluster 3.

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