GitHub repository

The code underlying our analyses of the Reading Chicago Reading data is now available on GitHub:

We hope this will be useful as inspiration, since reproducing the analyses requires access to the original circulation data, which we are not able to distribute at this point.

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New Circulation Modeling Results

We just completed a long-awaiting transition to a database backend for the Reading Chicago Reading data. One of the big changes was the discovery that we had been using incorrect holdings data for one of our books. So, some of the modeling results are now slightly different, and the anomalous results for “Gold Boy” are now gone.

This change also means that we will now be able to process circulation data for books that are not OBOC selections including the books that were chosen as CPL recommendations. We will also be able to explore some new aspects of the circulation data such as the … Read more

Digital Collections As Data

Ana Lucic, Digital Scholarship Librarian at DePaul and co-PI, writes:

Historically, circulation data and the demographic characteristics of library branch patrons have been used to analyze reading patterns and behaviors of different audiences. To date, our “Reading Chicago Reading” project has taken advantage of the circulation data we received from the Chicago Public Library and from the American Community Survey to shed light on the reception of different OBOC selections throughout diverse Chicago neighborhoods. See e.g. our earlier post.

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