Former Student Researchers

Since 2015, we have had a number of wonderful students work on “Reading Chicago Reading.” They have graduated, taken jobs, and moved on to exciting new projects. We wish them all success!


Hyunyou Choi is a graduate student at DePaul University majoring in Predictive Analytics. She has a genuine interest in data mining and health analytics and especially their potential applications in real world settings. This interest has led her to join the ““Reading Chicago Reading” project while also working on the “Hospital Ranking” project. She always feels privileged to be able to work in the field of data science and she hopes to make an impact by developing machine learning and data mining techniques.

Yingting Guan is a graduate student in the Predictive Analytics Program at DePaul. With interest in data visualization and Natural Language Processing, she recently joined in the “Reading Chicago Reading” project. In her free time, she is passionate about learning the application of data analysis and data mining to social media and humanities topics. She looks forward to focusing on data science in her future career.



IMG_6364Yuxuan (Tim) Zhang is a graduate student at DePaul University majoring in Predictive Analytics. His interest in working on data science problems with social impact led him to join the “Reading Chicago Reading” project, where he helps researchers discover patterns and knowledge via data visualization and analyses. Aside from school work, he is genuinely interested in learning and developing AI-based applications, especially in the interdisciplinary realm of design and evolutionary computing.

yoSam Okrasinski is a senior at DePaul University double majoring in English and computer science. Her educational background at DePaul focuses on literary research and computer programming, with plans to go into programming after graduation. An interest in digital humanities led her to work on the “Reading Chicago Reading” project.


Zack Budde received his B.S. in Mathematics in 2016, with a focus on Statistics and Data Science. His passion for complex problems combined with his altruistic aspirations led him to joining the team, where he aided researchers in discovering insights into circulation trends as well as textual features of the OBOC books.